What exactly is gobbledygook?

I have to be honest, the thought of writing in a blog is alternately intimidating and empowering. Will I be thoughtful? Will I be mediocre? Will my words transform anyone? No, Yes, No? Everyone has been encouraging my husband blog since he's started this new journey of stay-at-home parenting...but I just don't know that he was ever all that interested. Funny thing, this came about for me because I was researching it for him to do. I guess I'm kind of glad that I was trying to help him out since it made me see that I wanted to do it...go figure!

So, I have a blog, now what? I didn't open it for an album I'm creating, or a movie I'm shooting, or some great creative project. I really just wanted a place to store my thoughts and my words. It kind of makes me feel like I have a voice, even if it's just a whisper on the Internet. I'll probably find out very quickly just how boring I really am - Ha!

Moving on to the title of the blog. I have started reading this book, "Jesus for the Non-Religious" and I must say, I am a huge skeptic of Spong's already. The author, John Shelby Spong, started off on the wrong foot with me from page 1 (seriously the first page). His Prelude, was really just a cheap advertisement for a previous book (I refuse to name it) and he seems kind of full of himself spouting off all of the things that makes him "more believable" than the BIBLE!!! Wow, sure am glad he came along to set all of us feable minded idiots straight. In the first chapter, second paragraph, he rolls the whole of the Christian faith premise - the virgin birth, gospel miracles, death on a cross, assent into heaven, into one word - "gobbledygook". Nice huh. I'm only a few pages into the meat of it so I cannot really assess the message of the book or the content yet; however, I am sure I will have much more to say on such matters as time progresses.

Until then I will leave with the definition of gobbledygook:

"language characterized by circumlocution and jargon, usually hard to understand"

—Synonyms gibberish, doubletalk, bosh, mumbo jumbo.