It was bound to happen. I tried to keep this all to myself, but my adoring husband with his gift of nudging has made this blog public to people who know me. He's tricky...that one. Having done that, I wonder if he has somehow granted me validity? Who knows? Now I feel all of this unspoken pressure to write meaningfully and well. Thank goodness he's good at being my husband and always knows how to push just hard enough to get me out of the nest so that I can get a bigger view of my world and maybe thoughtfully provoke others into thinking or, better yet, action. So I am grateful because I feel like he has given me a voice for all of those thoughts I have when I'm riding in the car or brushing my teeth. Now I have an audience. Poor you.

Mason has a T-Shirt that reads "By reading this shirt you have temporarily given me control of your mind..."

I will use my new found power wisely and only for good!