It's dinner time and Mason and I are in the kitchen getting ready for dinner.

Clare is in the living room hanging out in her blanket fort that her daddy made her, chattering.

I am in the kitchen sing-songing her name and trying to cajole her into coming into the kitchen with us.

She is busy "reading" her book about Nicholas the bunny (which in-and-of itself is the most precious thing to watch and hear).

All of the sudden I hear it.......M-O-M-M-Y!

Oh my gosh, I had been deliberately summoned, AND not with 'MAMA'. I was summoned with 'MOMMY'. I looked and Mason and we both startled and just gushed. It was a rush of feelings that I haven't ever felt before. Of course, she's said mama and daddy a thousand times without much intention (unless she's upset and then she says it with an onslaught of other words that I'm sure are baby curse words directed firmly at me). However, this time, she wanted me and she wanted me to.... this is the best part...she wanted me to come and play with her! OH JOY!

What did I do? I stopped what I was doing, RAN into the living room, grabbed her in a hug, kissed her a thousand times on the face and proceeded to read about Nicholas the Bunny and his seasonal adventures.

God is truly good to us - even the most undeserving of us.