Let's all go to the movies

After some discussion the other night, Mason and I realize that it's been well over three years since he and I went to the movies together. Three whole years. One year, because it's not something we did much anyway. Two years, because we were pregnant and remodeling our house and worked on said house for an entire nine months preparing for the arrival of baby, then baby arrived. Three years, because we have now had that baby and she is so wonderful that we leave her as little as possible, and when we do (leave her), we try to further our minds through cultural experiences (ha!) or at least let loose and run about wildly when we are freeeee.

What made me think about this, is that I really want to go see No Country For Old Men. As lifelong fan of the Cohen Brothers I am desperate to see it. I understand that it is dark. I understand that the content is violent. I also understand that watching one of their movies is like reading a book. The movie isn't driven by plot alone or music or scenery...it's all of those things and you leave feeling as if you've actually been entertained. I can remember most of their movies piece by piece because they are memorable. I can watch them over and over because there is enough to find "new" with each viewing and the old is still not "old".

Of course, there are so many other things I could do with two free hours, that I might just wait until it comes to DVD.