Take time to hug your children more....


On Friday, a friend of mine at work asked for prayers for Gene Ann and Dan. I had kept up with their story off-and-on for the last four years and wasn't prepared for the feelings that welled up in me in response to their experiences with their daughter, Avery. I encourage you to check out the weblink above and read through their journal and Avery's life to see what real courage and genuine faith looks like. I pray that anyone who reads this post will send prayers to God for Peace and Strength in the coming days and weeks ahead for everyone involved. I am dropped to my knees having viewed this from afar, I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like for them living in the midst of this storm.

For those of you with children, kiss them, hug them, put them first in your time and efforts, and hold on to them as long as you can. Never forget what a gift from God they are - even when you're tired and they're not acting very much like a "gift".

As for my own daughter, I think I must have held onto her all weekend and played until I could literally play no more (she's non stop these days). Gene Ann, Dan and Avery reminded me of how precious our time is and how I am not promised a moment more than what I've already been given. They also reminded me to thank God for all that we are given.