Kindermusik at the Pink House

At the suggestion of a friend we took Clare to Kindermusik last night.

What is Kindermusik you ask? Well, I'm here to tell you that it's nothing but a good old time for parents and kids wrapped up in an imaginative and playful package of sound and sensory experience, and it's at the "Pink House" in Forest Park (isn't it charming?)
Mason and I took Clare for her first "class" last night and had a ball. It was great family fun time. Shoes off and let's play (and learn without realizing what we're doing).

At first, my skeptical little girl was, well... skeptical. She kept very close to my lap and would only venture out a little to investigate other children or the scarves. And, when forced to play with the scarves, she would scowl and tell me 'NO' very firmly. The only real interest she had was in a ball, that she couldn't have, and in some Goldfish crackers, again, that she couldn't have. We were not off to a good start. Mason and I nervously laughed with each other as the minutes ticked by and as we wondered if we'd made the right decision. Meanwhile, all of the other children ran around comfortably playing with the scarves and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I could almost feel myself hold my breath when Clare would raise her voice in protest and throw herself on the ground with the dramatic timing of a classically trained Shakesperean actress. Queue more nervous parent laughter and a perky teacher sing-songing to Clare to come and play. whew

However, when the music started, she perked up. She ventured a little futher into the spirit of the class with each different song. Each required new movement or instruments or toys, and she eventually started getting into the spirit of the play (sloooowwwly....very slowly she warmed up to the idea). By the time half and hour was up, she was fully enjoying herself and doing what Mason and I know her to do best - make people fall in love with her. Her scowl was replaced by a smile. Her hesitant behavior was replaced by willing participation and even excitment. She was warming up to the experience, and Mason and I let out a collective sigh of relief and started enjoying ourselves too!

By the end of the class she was playfully interacting with both the adults and the children. She didn't really want to leave and she had a perma-smile on her face, which is rarity in public settings. She was even running around outside playing gleefully as we left and went to dinner. So, we look forward to our next class and to all of the rest of them that follow. She already loves to play the instruments at home so I can only imagine that this will enhance that love as time goes in by inspiring her to be more whimsical in her play.

Ahhh....aren't children wonderful!
Oh yea, and major props to the involvment of the dads. Mason went without being asked, and wasn't even the only dad there!!! There are those men out there, that lovingly want to be apart of their children's lives without being forced, and my daughter has one for her very own Daddy. Needless to say, it was a great experience that I would recommend.
If you want to check it out yourself