Who are you and where am I?

I heard this yesterday and I left the area (maybe a little too quickly): "You know, George Bush wasn't really a bad president. In fact, I miss him." I kind of choked on a grape when I heard it mid step. Maybe I almost fell down to get out of a conversation I hadn't yet entered. Maybe it was a little noticeable that I was walking toward these people and smiling and suddenly veered left into a wall. Not that I am disagreeable or anything, but I assumed no one really would want to hear what I have to say on that subject. The scary thing? Every headed bobbed up and down in agreement. I am now very aware that I might be from another planet.

Dear God,

Why didn't you just make me like everyone else?
I think you accidentally used broken pieces when you
made me. Oh, and while I'm at it, there are a few other
problems with this model. Are there any recalls on
that I am just not aware of ?