At one time in my life I believed I would grow up to be a writer. My first "book" was to be titled, "Fortune Cookie", and I managed to write about eight pages of it. It was funny. It was eight pages of pure genius. It was about a single girl living in Manhattan and her journey. I was single at the time, but I knew nothing about living in Manhattan. So, it was loosely based on someone else being single and living in New York (can you say...Sex and the City). Genius I tell you! I never finished the "book" and today those eight pages are somewhere in the bottom of a drawer.

I am no longer a single girl and my understanding of living in Manhattan is more of my own now, but Fortune Cookie stuck around as the name of my blog. For years, I loved writing my blog and the title seemed to fit its description, "you never know what you're going to get"...until about nine months ago. I was uninspired and didn't feel like there was so much to be surprised about anymore. I felt like you did know what you were going to get when you came to my blog - catchy phrases, quotes from what I was reading, some pretty pictures, but nothing inspiring or worth reading. That's when I shut everything down.

What a difference nine months makes. Surprises abound! Our family unexpectedly went on our first mission trip together to Costa Rica, our baby is in Kindergarten, I got a new job, we got a puppy,"turned" Vegan, and we're beginning our journey of adoption. None of this was planned except for Kindergarten. Everything else has been the careful process of not carefully making any plans at all, but living and being available to God's plan. Praise be to God! Oh, and obviously the blog is up and running again and I cannot wait to share everything with you as we take this journey together.  I hope it surprises you, inspires you, and finds you living the life you've always dreamed.