SPF 110 and an umbrella hat anyone?


I had to go into the dermatologist today because of all of the years of abuse I've given to the largest organ on my body - no no...not my mouth...my skin.

I got a grim reminder that I should have appreciated my fair skin when I was younger. Instead, I didn't heed any warnings, went to the beach got burned, laid in tanning beds, laid out by the lake, laid out on the boat, laid out on the dock and had absolutely beautiful skin until it all caught up to me. Now I'm not even 32 and I'm a prime candidate for melanoma. Sounds like a party, but it's not. According to my doctor, I should never go more than six months without being checked by a physician, and Mason and I will need to complete monthly checks for the rest of my life. She checked my whole body (that was fun!) and even in my scalp (really, you can get it in your scalp because I can't put sunscreen up there you know?) I felt a little like a monkey being picked for fleas by another monkey - seriously.

I'm kind of bummed out by the news, but don't really know why? It's not as if I didn't know this already. It's why I was there to begin with - I know I have cancery skin. There is a story and a nice big scar on my back to remind me of that. Besides, all she said was that I'm a prime candidate, but didn't say that I have it.

I suppose I thought she would tell me that the last three years of avoiding the sun would be great and that I would have fallen out of that melanoma category. I think that may be why I'm bummed...I can't undo what I've already done. It kind of felt like a prison sentence of the "wait and see what's in store for you" variety. The future with the news I got today...lots of wonderful scars like the big giant neon sign on my back.

Boy, I sure am glad I looked good in that picture when I was 16. hmmm, dripping sarcasm probably won't help matters.

Moving on.....off the point, I'm still running and loving it. I've stalled at the 5K mark. Must start working toward my 10K miles this week. Was only able to complete 2 miles yesterday while pushing Clare in the jog stroller - what a wuss!