Management Exam

I've been taking this IT project management course for what seems like the last 14 years, but in reality has been a month and ten days. I finished the last chapter today and have actually learned A LOT. It was the kind of class that was insanely useful with stuff that you think you already know, but don't. I sit in awe at how unprepared I was for this promotion without even being aware of it, but how much more prepared I am now. I am glad to have been forced into this class. Kudos for my manager!

The instructor's name....

this is so awesome....

Roy Rogers

Can you dig it? (oh yeah, I used it)

So this guy is wildly upbeat and encouraging through the whole class. So much so that I anxiously wait for my assignment responses so that I read how great he thinks my work is. "Whoa" is often a beginning response.

It's so corny, but I feed off of approval. I admit it freely.

Honestly, I secretly think "he's" a girl who uses this "Roy Rogers" as a pen name. "He's" just much too encouraging. I don't find men to be that encouraging and I have a lot of them around me to prove the point. They try, don't get me wrong. However, there is just something about the enthusiam of encouragement that comes from a woman that seems more genuine. So, I imagine Roy to really be Sarah or Mary and that's ok too. Maybe not. Maybe his parents just really named him Roy Rogers and he's just a more enlightened male. Who knows?

Whatever the story behind the instructor, it's been a great course and I'm glad to have it under my belt. I think it'll actually help me and I'm seriously nervous about the exam.

The whole process has made me want to go back to school though. However, I tried to go back as an adult in the working environment and found it less than appealing to go at night after a full day of work. That was a drag.

I can't help but admit that I would probably be a nurse or something along those lines if I had it to do all over again. Hind sight....