Today's run was so much easier than either of the past two days. I actually got out of bed on my own, got ready, ate my bite of banana and drank my swig of water and headed out the door. The air was thick this morning and I think I was covered in a thin layer of sweat before I even moved my legs.

I took a slightly different route this morning that meant a few more gradual inclines. I feel my legs getting stronger and it's most noticeable when I'm faced with a "hill" or any type of incline. I've skipped the tunes for the last two mornings and have just enjoyed the sounds of nature coupled with my stomping shoe and heavy breathing. Occassionally I'll run by something in a bush or in the grass that's eerie and it makes me run a little more quickly. Is it too early for snakes to be out? There was a creeeeepy guy sitting in a city truck in the park this morning. Just to assert my physical dominance, I gave him the stern stink eye and ran a little more firmly with intention. Then I wondered if it would have be nicer to smile at him since he was probably just a nice guy taking a morning break (maybe even a nap) in the beauty of a park and here I was assuming he was a perv. The world we live in hasn't made it easy to be a girl alone in a park in the early morning. So, I chose my stink eye and mentally prepared myself for some major ass-kicking if the need arose. I was going to go all crazy style of fight if I had to, and screaming would have been allowed. My imaginary struggle kept me occupado for aleast half a mile and I mentally won the challenge. Score one for the girl in the red running shorts! At least I wasn't wearing my pink ones. I guess those might have made me look like a wuss - ha!

I'm taking my shoes and clothes with me this weekend to the wedding. I know we'll be up a little later than normal tonight with the rehearsal dinner festivities, but am anxious to get the opportunity to run somewhere else for a change. I might even mix it up and run Sunday too and take Monday off instead. I suppose it'll just depend on how runner friendly either area is. I just love it y'all. Just love it. I supposed I really do get the runner's high (only it doesn't hit me until it's over).

So, my hair is perfect, I have a fabulous dress for both nights, the ability to eat the good food and not feel guilty (Oh thank you God for the run this morning!), and a babysitter for tonight and we're meeting up with friends that I rarely get to see and love so much. The weekend has amazing potential. Now all I have to do is sit back and enjoy myself as all of the hard work has been completed and the weekend celebrating can begin. If any good pictures come out of it, they're getting posted!

Here's hoping to a great weekend for everyone!