Radiation to Cure your ills

Mason went in yesterday to receive his dose of radioactive iodine so they can test him, or better yet his thyroid gland, today. I went with him yesterday just in case it made him sick. It did not.

Before he took it though, I kept telling him that he was going to turn into the Hulk and ...well, our jokes really went all downhill from there. Sometimes I think we forget we're in our 30s and are just too silly to be in public. It was nice, even though we were at the hospital, to get to spend the time together just the two of us. Those moments are kind of limited these days and it's funny that we still have so much fun together after this many years (Oh my gosh, I have put up with the man for seven years...Five of them as marrieds...he's says he feels like he's been putting up with me for MUCH longer - har har har, very funny).

So, we won't know any results until later this month, but it was interesting to see how weird we reacted to the situation. They told Mason to be really careful about some things as he was emitting extremely low levels of radiation. Very importantly, they told how he was supposed to avoid any close contact with either Clare or myself. Have you tried to be in the same house as your husband and not touch him, give him a kiss, cuddle through a movie, much less tried to keep his 20 month old daughter from trying to crawl all over her daddy, or not be picked up, etc. It was hard. I think the stuff they gave him yesterday has a half life of 2 days so hopefully we'll be ok tomorrow, but the doctors will tell us more today. I found myself wondering if sleeping next to him was going to cause me to get cancer. I got all weird about him touching anything that belonged to or came into contact with Clare. Of course for Mason his reaction was that his "kidneys" started to hurt . Turns out it wasn't his kidneys, but I've chuckled all day about it. Anyway, we were sort of living in this weird moment last night in bizzaro world. Mason was there, but couldn't participate. I ended up sleeping with a pillow in between us and keeping my feet next to his. I imagine it kind of felt lonely not to be touched at all for 24 hours.

Thank goodness this was just the diagnostic piece of it. The truth is, the stuff they give you for treatment is much worse and he won't be able to be around us at all for 11 days or so. Isn't that insane?? I guess it's better than the alternative though if you need it.

So, in this bizzaro world of eating out and playing outside until bedtime, we decided to watch a movie (insert Netflix buzz here as I LOVE the business).

Michael Clayton.

Watch it. It's good. Really good. The last scene is "wow", but maybe that's just the radiation messing with my brain.

Oh, after the movie was over, we saw a June bug crawling across the floor. I told Mason to pick it up and stick it near his neck since that's where all of the radioactive iodine collected in his thyroid. I wanted to see if we could mutate it into some phosphorescent creature that suddenly morphed into a giant prehistoric looking bug that would become out pet.

He wouldn't do it.....Chicken.

However, this morning he found us a dog that we're "interviewing" this afternoon at our house. She'll probably make a better pet anyway.