Strange Measure of Comfort

I'm at peace with the whole financial crisis thing.

There, I've said it.

Do not mistake what this means. I'm not at peace with the suffering of families or the horrendous impact that this has on everyone of us. It just means that I'm at peace with the fact that it's happening. For years, I've quietly voiced my opinion to Mason that once everyone figures out that "this" can't go on forever, then it's going to crumble. I believe that "this" is the "relentless pursuit of...". I take comfort in the bar being reset. It's small comfort, but comfort. I take comfort in the reminder that this "life of things" is all temporary and that it can go away in a moment. I take comfort in the reminder that money isn't worth anything tomorrow, but today it can actually help people. I grieve the lost opportunities of families to spend time together in order to build up their nest eggs so they can enjoy each other later in life. I take comfort in learning this lesson before I do the same thing. I take comfort in the reminder that I have no control over anything. I must invest myself in planing for our future (which I will continue to do), but must always divest myself of the end result since I have no say in it.

Also, I've met apart of me that I like...a lot. I've met the girl who could care less what she has as long as she's with her husband and her daughter...with them, I can do anything, go anywhere, live without anything, and even eat beans if the situation dictates that I must. I am wistfully reminded of the very pure love that I have for Mason that sometimes gets cluttered with our life and our things, and of what is important for Clare to have in her life (I'll give you a hint, it's not the latest item at any store). So, I take a small measure of comfort during all of this turmoil that, at least for me, something has come out of this that is not measured by the rise or fall of the numbers on Wall Street.