We wish you a merry.....

Christmas stresses me out. Seriously!

I asked for the list of all of the teachers, kitchen staff and office staff at Clare's school who she interacts with daily. It takes a village to take care of my little girl every day and I want to make sure they all get something to show our appreciation. I thought, "I'll be proactive and get it a month or more in advance of when I need it." I was still patting myself on the back this morning when I got the list. I promptly quit upon counting all of the names on the list.


My gift idea went from gift cards to Target (all teachers need money) to, "what the crap am I supposed to buy for 20 people that they'll actually want that won't break the holiday budget". Someone at work suggested I make them cookies. I almost choked. Yeah, that's a great idea! Let's poison the teachers, they will all love Clare then!

Good Grief, I could just kick myself. Should have just pleaded insanity and gotten her current teachers a nice gift.

Now I have to hope for some pretty fantastic sales at Bath and Body works because they're all getting hand sanitizer and lotion. If you've got some coupons, send them my way...if you see a sale, call me up and tell me about it. You see, it may take a village to raise my child, but I'm going to need some serious shopping love to pull this off with any sort of dignity.