My disclaimer so you can continue reading regardless of nationality or faith or whether. I’m aware that many people that are familiar to my blog are not Christians. I have never desired to convert people – it makes my Christian friends scowl at me to know this. Sorry. We are all privy to the same information. I cannot explain or tell people why I arrived here, and someone else arrives somewhere else. It is our individual journey that is the mark of who we are. I love you regardless of anything about you, return the favor. I will never judge you based on your choices, or think less of you, or feel sorry for you, or anything else. You are what you are. I am what I am. Are we square?

So…..may I just tell you what you don’t do?

You don’t exclaim dramatically that you’re drowning in mediocrity in a blog. Apparently, God reads blogs. He also knows the a “full on self” pity party is put to an end when you take the focus off of your boredom and put it squarely on REAL need. What an f-in world I live in where I have the luxury to be so insular. Jeez.

So, within a day of writing that little one liner above, I get a random email from someone who doesn’t know me well to call another someone I don’t know at all. This someone I don’t know is involved with an orphan ministry in her church; she’s specifically involved with a project to help an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. She tried Haiti, but it’s just politically such a dangerous environment that they couldn’t get in. Anyway, the person who sent the email to call the person I don’t know, remembered my impassioned plea in our church for people to donate money to the World Food Programme for Haiti. If you’re not aware, there were (still are) reports coming out of the country that mothers are having to decide which of their children live or die because they cannot feed them. I die each time I say this, write this, read this sentence. Donate to the World Food Programme – the link is one of mine on this blog. Ten dollars will help. Especially if ten people give ten dollars. (Ok, sorry for the pitch, but if you ate breakfast or lunch out today, then you can give up a meal or two to help those in real need who may have only eaten one meal today if any).

Back to my blog. So I called this person I didn’t know, this is still a mystery as to how I called her, but I called her. We met today at 11:00 for coffee. I might as well have known the woman I didn’t know three hours ago all of my life. We have something in common – we are here on this earth to take care of others, specifically children. When she pulled her bombshell out of her bag about the church is failing because of the enormous amounts of money and resources directed toward anti-abortion efforts when we should be taking care of the children who are already here and abandoned, in need, in the foster system, etc, I almost asked her to marry me (except that would be weird, and not legal yet, and I’m already married). I was like, “Oh my gosh, there are others in the world that think like this?” We talked for a really long time. It will lead to more talking and we’ll see where I am moved to act. I am patiently praying through this newness right now and just kind of in awe. She gave me a book to read, Fields of the Fatherless. I'll let you know what I read.

All of this to say, I withdraw the previous post. I admit, I am still no more mature at times than a 2 year old child who has all of her toys and wants more without regard to the needs of those around her.

“…for in you the fatherless find compassion.” Hosea 14:3