It was Nucular!

After the conclusion of last night's only Vice Presidential Debate, I have decided that our education system is failing our citizens. Frankly, it's the only explanation I have.

Why you ask?

Because, like her or not, Sarah Palin is following in the footsteps of George W. Bush and pronouncing nuclear as "nucular". Not just once, but repeatedly. Then following up one of her "nucular" comments with naivety, and pronouncing it with the very formal and proper English pronunciation of "naee-vu-tay". All I could do was look over at Mason with a classic and unforgiving Lael-look and shake my head.

"Really?" is the best that I could conjure up for this one.

Call it folksy. Call it what you like. It's still like nails on a chalkboard to me. I will not hide my dislike of her appointment by pretending to be fair and partial on the issue. I'm a woman, lucky me. She's a woman, lucky her. She does nothing for me based on her policies and the good Lord knows I can at least name a newspaper that I look to in order to help form my world opinion. I might have been tripped up by the name of an actual Supreme Court Case, but I'm quite certain I could have given you enough facts on a few of them that you would be able to point to the issue settled within one. However, I get back to "nucular". I looked it up myself. It's not an acceptable pronunciation, and I'm from the south!!! I find myself to be relatively forgiving of these modifications of pronunciation, as I know that we Southerners pretty well butcher the English language and exchange it for "dialect" differences. Seriously though, couldn't one of her debate coaches help her with this? Maybe they could have pointed it out with a sticky note or something so they could do it anonymously??